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Re: improv voice loops

Hey Jehn:

> ... I perform solo using
>only voice along with 2 Digitech Echo Plus pedals and a Jam
Man. I overlay
>tones and then sing lyrically over the results..my range is
about 4 octaves
>so I'll let these high notes ring, and then bring my voice down
to it's
>lowest point for a bassline (for me..it's tenor).
>I love organic sounds above all else..when creating music I
prefer using
>found sounds in combination with voice. Most of my recordings
are voice-only
>and the closest comparison I would be able to make to the sound
of it is
>like that of a group of theremins. I've had more people say
"angels", but
>I'll stick with the sound I know! I love trance music with minimal
>percussion, and overtones. Looping appliances and matching pitch
with them
>is also very satisfying as well.

Wow...any available recordings of this?