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re: another voice + electronics festival in the distant future

Jehn wrote:

> Please let me know if Santa Cruz will ever be again. I perform solo using
> only voice along with 2 Digitech Echo Plus pedals and a Jam Man. I 

By all means, Jehn and this goes for any loopers who want to play the
Santa Cruz area and feel like they have a strong enough performance to 
an audience.  I'm going to be producing several looping festivals in this
area over the next few years.   Just to let you know, they are all free to
the public and , as such, require that the artists need to donate their 
as well.
We also perform in a festival atmosphere which means, depending on the
number of participants, that performance times are very short  10-30 
per artist.

Anyone interested in being considered for participation (I feel like
Huckleberry Finn trying to get people to pay him to let him
paint his fence ;-) should send me a mini disc, CD or cassette (sorry, I
don't own a DAT machine) of their work to:

Loop Consideration
412 Darwin Street
Santa Cruz, California

Yours, sincerely, Rick