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Re: another voice + electronics festival in the distant future

"Rick Walker (loop.pool)" wrote:

> ...Anyone interested in being considered for participation (I feel like
> Huckleberry Finn trying to get people to pay him to let him
> paint his fence ;-) should send me a mini disc, CD or cassette (sorry, I
> don't own a DAT machine) of their work to:
> Loop Consideration
> 412 Darwin Street
> Santa Cruz, California
> 95062-2629
> Yours, sincerely, Rick

hey rick,

i have a fantasy of playing up in big sur one of these days...how often do 
make use of the henry miller library? and how did you get them to let you 
do a
performance there? i would really dig being able to do a set under the
redwoods...i don't get up there more than once a year or so, but i could
certainly conceive of arranging a trip around a performance...lemme know!

lance g.