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Re: Does a dual Mic Clip exsist for looping vocals live

    I'm actually planning on using my boomerang and looping both guitar and
vox by using a small mixing board sitting right beside me and using the
effects sends to the boomerang, and then my boomerang will run back into a
separate channel.  When I want vocals to be looped, I reach over and crank
up the send on that channel.  If I just want to loop guitar, turn the send
on the vox channel down (which will be the majority of the time).


on 6/15/01 2.19 PM, Scott Winzinger at zing@sigecom.net wrote:

> I was wondering if anybody has seen a mic clip that screws into the boom
> and branches off to two mic clips that are about a foot apart (to avoid
> bleed through).
> I am trying to add this to my acoustic show so I can loop my guitar and
> then later loop vocal. Is there another way to accomplish this? Won't I
> need to have two seperate vocal mics to do this?
> Zing

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