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Re: voice + elctronics festival

lance g wrote:

i have a fantasy of playing up in big sur one of these days...how often do
make use of the henry miller library? and how did you get them to let you 
performance there? i would really dig being able to do a set under the
redwoods...i don't get up there more than once a year or so, but i could
certainly conceive of arranging a trip around a performance...lemme know!

Hi Lance, nice to hear your cyber voice!  Bobdog, the very creative 
in the CT-One Collective (this is for other L.D.-ers not you, Lance) played
the Henry Miller Library with his creative world fusion/electronica 
PseuddoBuddha.   I was such a fan of his music that I drove the hour and a
half down there to see them (and, lucky me, I got to set in with them for a
set).  Anyway, I just fell in love with the place and later called the
curator, Magnus Toren (who is a great guy and wonderful supporter of
'fringe' arts and music) to propose the First
Big Sur Looping Festival.  He went for it and we had a good time.
It is difficult to get a lot of people to the venue as it is pretty far 
the nearest population center, but it is the most beautiful place I've ever
in my life and I love that we are going to bring the Bass Festival there
on July 7th).

I would be more than happy to personally give Magnus your promo packet
(CD, reviews, bios or whatever you have assembled and, knowing your
beautiful minimalist graphics sensibility, it looks really good) and would
be into adding my name to the performance if it would help the booking.

Let me know,  yours,  Rick