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Re: voice + elctronics festival

"Rick Walker (loop.pool)" wrote:

> ...Anyway, I just fell in love with the place and later called the
> curator, Magnus Toren (who is a great guy and wonderful supporter of
> 'fringe' arts and music) to propose the First
> Big Sur Looping Festival.  He went for it and we had a good time.
> It is difficult to get a lot of people to the venue as it is pretty far 
> the nearest population center, but it is the most beautiful place I've 
> played
> in my life and I love that we are going to bring the Bass Festival there
> on July 7th).
> I would be more than happy to personally give Magnus your promo packet
> (CD, reviews, bios or whatever you have assembled and, knowing your
> beautiful minimalist graphics sensibility, it looks really good) and 
> be into adding my name to the performance if it would help the booking.
> Let me know,  yours,  Rick


thanks for the offer...now i have to put something together! seriously, i 
it'd be great fun (and an honor) to play on the same bill as you...i'm sure
your name would add about 1000% to the booking :-)

anyway, let's keep thoughts rolling on it. i'll be in touch.

lance g.

ps i'd love to check out the bass festival, but that week i should be 
about 10k
feet up in the high sierra, tiptoing around bear scat...