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Re: Events in LA


Why dont you show up at Musician Institute in Hollywood and see if
theres some possibility to play there, (concerts almost every evening)
or do a clinic, some loop evangelism, or any networking for the next
say hello from Claude.........(same as Joe sent me...) :=)

Have a nice stay



Steve Lawson wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm in LA for a week from next Saturday, before heading up to Santa Cruz 
>and the Bay Area for the gigs with the truly
> wonderful Mr Rick Walker and Michael Manring.
> Anyway, my gig contact in LA hasn't really come up with much (to be 
>fair, it was very late notice) so I'll have a fair bit of
> free time, which I'm open to suggestions on how to spend... I'll be 
>available for some private teaching, if anyone's
> interested, and if there are any jams or gig slots going let me know! 
>Anyone playing at the Knitting Factory? Stig, you got
> any gigs? I'd love to see you play?
> so what's da scoop on LA/Orange County?
> cheers
> Steve
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