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Re: big sur . . .

"Liebig, Steuart A." wrote:

>  and how did you get them to let you do
> a performance there? i would really dig being able to do a set under
> the
> redwoods...i
> Anyway, I just fell in love with the place and later called the
> curator, Magnus Toren (who is a great guy and wonderful supporter of
> 'fringe' arts and music) to propose the First
> Big Sur Looping Festival.
> ** two folks waxing about big sur. having played at the miller library
> for the 2000 big sur experimental music fest, i can say that it is
> really great playing beneath the towering trees . . . in the improv we
> did, i was able to give a little space, look up at the trees, get a
> little inspiration and then (hopefully) add some good stuff.
> lance, try to get in on either rick's deal or submit something to the
> 2002 big sur fest. the pay is basically door, the accomodations are a
> camp site, but it's a really cool experience.
> magnus seems to be cool. buy something from the store after you play
> or listen, their funding is pretty precarious and the library seems to
> be a labor of love.
> stig

thanks stig

is there an oranges of heironymous bosch in those dots? my one time
experience of the celebrated library was coming in out of the rain with
a girlfriend years ago. two folks inside proclaimed upon our entry, "oh,
good, the eskimos are here, we can start now!"

never quite figured out what they meant by that...

lance g.