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Re: Behringer, Slight Return

On 19/6/01 at 1:05, spgoodman@earthlight.net (Stephen P. Goodman) wrote:

> Bullocks.  China's insistence upon the use of coal as a MAJOR source of
> energy guarantees that the 17% figure is a complete lie.  Since when has
> China adhered to a single treaty they've ever signed anyway?  Kyoto 
> is a smokescreen for diplomatic egg-throwing at the US in more than just 
> few circles, and not just the reactionary right either.

Bullocks are the things which run around fields eating grass and probably 
pull carts in china, when called upon they use their BOLLOCKS to make other
bullocks (and Ms Bullocks), which is perhaps more the inflection we're 
for here. 

Over and Out