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Re: An L.A. house concert with Steve Lawson -- HOW ABOUT A PLAN?

"Rick Walker (loop.pool)" wrote:

> If you guys have a house concert with Steve Lawson,  please, please get
> two or three of you L.A. loopers on the bill and have


If there's room on the bill and the schedule, I'd be delighted to do
some playing if anyone will have me (so to speak... ahem).

My real-time solo guitar-loop demo tape:

http://www.altruistmusic.com/archive/loop.html (four years old but not
so shabby)


My schedule's pretty open, and my gear would be a guitar, an EDP, a
Vortex, and maybe a guitar amp or two.  Or I can run into a board if
it'll make life easier.  I can also offer my gear to others to play
through if they'd like, so long as the signals and levels aren't
exceedingly excessive.

I'd be down with playing solo, in tandem with someone else --
whatever, for however long.  I've wanted to see an LA thing like this
happen for a while, and I've wanted to dust off the solo loop-show
thing for myself as well.  Two birds with one stone, as they say...

I can pretty much guarantee I could bring a few folks as well, some of
whom are very well-versed in the loop-realm...


If Tony can provide the space and do it any day other than Friday,
then how about Saturday the 23rd or Sunday the 24th?  Or the weekend
after that if need be?

Here's the potential players thus far:

Steve Lawson
Gary Lehman
Tony Moore
My own meager self

Anyone else I've missed?  Or haven't missed?  

Someone reply to this, and help get this thing happening, please!

Andre LaFosse | Disruption Theory | http://www.altruistmusic.com
"A spectacular collision of manifold musical thoughts and patterns... To
call Disruption Theory a futuristic album would be an understatement."
(20th Century Guitar Magazine, February 2001)

"For electric guitar enthusiasts everywhere, this one's essential."
(Alternative Press Magazine, September 2000)

"Fucking amazing CD."
(Derek Sivers, president, CD Baby)

"His six-stringer is pumped up with energy, creating a firestorm of
pyrotechnics and burning sounds, but with a sensitivity to weirdness and
experimentation. Disruption Theory reveals the difference it makes when
a player knows what he is doing. Here is one that deserves the title
'unique'." (Expose Magazine, October 2000)

"Fripp and Zappa, step aside."  (MOJO Magazine, May 2000)