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RE: An L.A. house concert with Steve Lawson -- HOW ABOUT A PLAN?

OK . . .
I can do this--Tony's place sounds like a good space--and if this is to be 
performance as opposed to something more informal I am still game.  
I know next to nobody in LA and so will not be able to bring any 
Is advertising indicated?  Is this something we should try to announce to
the public?  Perhaps some of you who are more connected up here can help.  
still have not heard back from Steve Lawson (I pmailed him about his recent
equipment dilemma) but this would seem to fall into the time he is
available, and he probably has some folks who would attend.
I am as much interested as a spectator as a performer but welcome the
opportunity to showcase my approach to the live Memorex thang . . .
Gary Lehmann

Rick Walker (loop.pool)" wrote:

> If you guys have a house concert with Steve Lawson,  please, please get
> two or three of you L.A. loopers on the bill and have

Then Andre said--

If there's room on the bill and the schedule, I'd be delighted to do
some playing if anyone will have me (so to speak... ahem).


I can pretty much guarantee I could bring a few folks as well, some of
whom are very well-versed in the loop-realm...


If Tony can provide the space and do it any day other than Friday,
then how about Saturday the 23rd or Sunday the 24th?  Or the weekend
after that if need be?

Here's the potential players thus far:

Steve Lawson
Gary Lehman
Tony Moore
My own meager self

Anyone else I've missed?  Or haven't missed?

Someone reply to this, and help get this thing happening, please!