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Re: buying a headrush online?

The Akai is cheap but it has very limited uses as a looper.

The DL-4 has much more live tweaking potential.
The knobs do different things depending on the mode. In loop mode they
control a delay line that feeds into the looper (c.750ms).
Using the buttons you can control playback direction (forward or reverse)
and speed (normal or 1/2) it will also record/overdub at 1/2 speed or
backwards so you can make complex loops using different speeds and
You can assign the optional expression pedal to control any or all of the
knobs on the front panel (except the model selector) you set two values for
each knob and the pedal sweeps between them. I use this to control the 
time of the pre-loop delay while I'm playing.

The delay models are cool too, you can get some of the models to howl with
feedback or get very weird textures from the reverse delays.

The Line 6 is a great unit for the $, on bang for the buck it's way better
than the Akai (it's sounds better too, 24 bit and true bypass when not
switched in).
The headrush has no tweakability, it's basically a sample playback device
with o/dubbing and no realtime control (even the parameters you can adjust
have noticeable zipper noise).

Martin Shellard 

> From: "shaw-han liem" <shawhanliem@hotmail.com>

> Hi,
> Thanks for this advice. I'm really not married to the idea of owning a
> Headrush although it seems to be the cheapest thing that does the job. I
> just looked at the line 6 unit and it looks like it has nice features. 
> editable is the sound on this unit? looks like a lot of knobs.
> i'm planning on using it in a live electronic setting, building synth 
> etc. so the 'tweekability' may be worth the extra $100. but any opinions 
> appriciated.
> thanks,
> shaw-han