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Re: OT: Personal Audio Space?

ahoeltje@best.com writes:

>Sorry if this seems too far off topic but I figured someone here might
>about hearing aid technology.

>Have you ever been in a loud restaurant and couldn't make out what the
>person sitting across from you was saying because the background noise
>was so loud?
>What I want is a "perception aid".
'perception aid'?
you could learn to lip-read.

>It seems to me that DSP's are good
>enough that if combined with a couple good microphones you could cancel
>the noise and enhance the nearby sound.
w/a (probably uncomfortable) delay introduced between the actual 
occurrence-of-sound, & that which enters yer p.a.s.....

>Fit the electronics and mics into
>a battery powered, walkperson sized box, plug into it with head phones 
>ear plug kind, like what some performers use on stage) and have yourself
>"personal audio space".
>Anyone know if this is possible, or available?
sounds possible; indeed, i think it's being done, to some degree;
'hush' inna hearing-aid, huh? w/o the analysis, though.
if yer really interested,
check out current hearing-aid technology.

dt / s-c

>For looping or recording, it could be used as a pre-amp (a de-amp?) in
>Always Curious,