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Re: OT: Personal Audio Space?

Thank you all for the helpful replies.  Well, most were helpful.  The Cone
of Silence idea is not my first choice for solving this problem!  (I am old
enough to remember Get Smart!)  And I've been to the Exploratorium and sat
in one of those chairs - it is uncanny how good it works but would be hard
to tote around in public.

Someone said they thought the delay induced by the electronics would be
uncomfortable.  I tend to think this would not be a problem.  Look at some
of those digital effects in your racks - they all have DA and AD converters
and a lot of processing going on in the DSPs.  They work just fine in real
time, at least mine do.

One more question - what are the standard terms for describing microphones?
I seem to recall that one particular kind was good at picking up very close
sounds and another good at picking up generally everything nearby and far