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Re: Personal Audio Space?

This idea has been around for awhile- I think Senheiser or someone makes a 
or $300 pair of headphones that work on this principal- I was interested
actually- Los Angeles can hum a bit more than I like- Cliff

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From: "Doug Miller" <dmiller3@columbus.rr.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001 2:17 PM
Subject: Re: Personal Audio Space?

> I've read that this idea is being applied in canceling noise from
> engines, a high tech muffler.
> > I've heard of a company in Cambridge, Ma. that is working on a device
> > that will sample the surrounding noise and play it back 180 degrees out
> > of phase. They claim that it will cancel out about 97% of the noise now
> > and they are working on 100% which they claim is possible. I can't re-
> > member the name of the company but I saw the article on Boston.com
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