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Re: Repeater Quad Looping?

tom@swirly.com writes:

>> >>Has anyone been studying the Repeater manual?(or would Damon like to
>> >>comment?) It appears one needs to choose between quadraphonic looping
>> >>and using the effects loop.
>Oi, I didn't write that!  I *answered* that!
>(just for the record, y'know...)

>>methinks the terminology's a bit different;
>>any repeater 'loop' consists of up to 4 individually-addressable 
>>the separate track-addressability includes pitch (+12 > -24), slipping,
>>panning, output, fx send, volume, overdubbing (&, to some degree, 
>and the devout hope is that all of these parameters are in
>fact controllable through MIDI.
indeed, they are.
dt / s-c