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Re: OT: Jehn's (and anyone else's tinitus)


I, too, have had tinitus problems in the past. It is horrendous when it
happens. Too much LOUD guitar playing when I was a lad, I guess. It hasn't
been plaguing me in recent years, though. I have several sound sources that
are around  and near me but I try not to play too loud when
practicing/recording. A couple of years back, one thing caused it to flare
up: the noise from a bus engine while taking the bus to work. Those mothers
are loud! Earplugs helped somewhat. The tinitus subsided when I started
driving to work. The point being that being continuously exposed to any loud
noises is bad for the ears. Another factor that I've been made aware of
relating to tinitus is caffeine intake. I've noticed that less
coffee/caffeine equaled less ear noise.

Regards, Paul