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Intro and a request

Hi all,

   Just discovered this community the other day.  I'm desperately looking
for WAV's or MP3's of both Bushism's
and the juiciest parts of Clinton's testimony.  None of the standard
anti-Bush sites seem to have anything beyond
the text of his vocal mis-steps.

   My background:  I've been into non-commercial music for over 20 years
(EM, avant, prog, etc.) and recorded
several tapes of "Steve Reich 'n Roll" for the long defunct Experimental
Radio Project (WXPN in Philly) about
ten years ago.  Three years ago I had a chance to dust off these old tapes
for one of the pirate radio stations at
Burning Man.  Now I'd like to do more loops with Bushism's for BMan again.
My style is somewhere between
Steve Reich's "It's Gonna Rain" and Negativland.

Gear list:

1988: Digitech delay unit triggered from a BK Precision bench oscillator,
two endless cassettes, mixdown on
Tascam 246

Now: same as before plus a PC running CoolEdit 2000 and Mellosoftron.
Visuals done with Winamp Plug-ins
and Arkaos' X-Pose-It.

NP: John Coltrane/Rashid Ali - Interstellar Space on WPRB.