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Re: The first LA Loop Fest!!!

> OK.  First off, I believe that Andrew Pask put his name up as a player
> before I did.  Any further word from Mr. Pask?  I wouldn't feel good
> about playing until everyone who'd volunteered to play prior to me has
> had their say.  So I happily defer to Mr. Pask if he's so inclined to
> take the stage.

Andre, that's very gracious of you - Andrew, it's over to you. I can see no
major reason why you both can't play, this is a festival after all... :o)

> It seems to me that four performers might not be entirely
> unreasonable, since I'm thinking set-up and tear-down time is liable
> to be pretty minimal.  If everyone can get their gear into the space
> before the starting time, we could probably cut change-over time
> between sets to a bare minimum.
> Didn't one of Rick Walker's festivals have each act's music morphing
> from one set to the next?  Might be cool...  Collaborative playing
> would also be a kick.

I'm certainly up for some duo/trio fun (in the musical sense, rather than
the add-in-the-back-of-LA-weekly sense)

> I also think that set times are something to think about...  I
> personally don't have a "looping set list."  Anything I do will be
> improvised off the top of my head, and I can tailor that improv to the
> time space available.  I certainly don't mind doing a 25-30 minute
> set, especially if it will help accommodate other people playing that
> night.  
> Also, since this isn't a club or "bands" type thing, I think we could
> probably get started straight away at the appointed starting time --
> no need to wait around.  I wouldn't mind opening the show -- if the
> thing starts at 7:00, I could be on and off by 7:30 (give or take...)

all sounds good to me - the call is Tony's though, as 'curator' of the
fest... :o) 

> Performance space particulars:
> A $5 "suggested donation" seems like a good idea to me... if folks
> want to cough up more, great.  I like Steve's idea for a token
> discount for CD sales, very cool (if I do play I'd like to bring some
> copies of Disruption Theory along).

Tony, can we have the final word on this?

> Here's an idea for handling the audience size and advertising: let's
> start building up a specific list of people who want to come, strictly
> from Looper's Delight and their immediate friends.  If we get 30 or so
> people just from here (entirely possible!) then there's no reason to
> sweat it in terms of getting more folks there.

OK - I'll mention it on my gig list, and e-mail a few friends, but have 
contact Tony about reserving space...

> A casual atmosphere would be helpful, I think, especially if seating
> and such is at a premium.  I wouldn't have any objection to people
> coming and going about the place if need be, as long as they aren't
> too disruptive to the proceedings.  (It's hot in LA right now, and
> could still be that way by 7:00 PM in an upstairs space with 30 people
> in the room!)  Let's approach this as a spontaneous and informal
> gathering of folks, who are there to focus their attention on the
> music being made.

Informal is great with me - I tend to think of what I do as
Ambientertainment, in that I'm happy for it to be performance or

> I can get to Tony's spot a few hours before the start time to help set
> up gear and soundcheck.  I also have enough web storage space so that
> I could probably host some streaming RealAudio files (and maybe mp3's)
> of the gig after the event (regardless of whether or not I actually 

That's all great - I've got some space so could host bits of my own set, 
don't have space for entire gigs, so if you want to post the whole lot, 
would be stunning (assuming it's not rubbish... :o)

> Wow.  This I did not expect.  4 1/2 years of vague talk about some
> sort of LA loop gig, and it suddenly falls together in the space of a
> couple of days... thanks to a couple of guys who don't live in LA!

I do feel Rick's influence in all these proceedings - he's such a great
catalyst for creative musical ventures, and along with the generousity of
Ashdown Amps, is the reason I'm coming to the states...