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Re: The first LA Loop Fest!!!

On 20/6/01 at 9:24, steve@steve-lawson.co.uk (Steve Lawson) wrote:

> > OK.  First off, I believe that Andrew Pask put his name up as a player
> > before I did.  Any further word from Mr. Pask?  I wouldn't feel good
> > about playing until everyone who'd volunteered to play prior to me has
> > had their say.  So I happily defer to Mr. Pask if he's so inclined to
> > take the stage.
> Andre, that's very gracious of you - Andrew, it's over to you. I can see 
> major reason why you both can't play, this is a festival after all... :o)

Thank you very much for holding open the door kind sirs.
I have decided to leave the assorted pile of saxophones and electronic 
bolted in position in my studio on that night. It is my belief that 
to play and musical inspiration are directly related to the amount of 
miles one
is willing to haul gear to a gig, I hope my ten minutes on the 101 will at 
allow me to get in the building.......
I'm right up for a jam though.