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Re: Intro and a request

If you get Comedy Central on your cable, check out The Daily Show.  They 
out the very best of Bush.  I get most of my news from that show, I must 
It's probably the most honest news show in the US.


p koniuto wrote:

> Andrew:
> Welcome!
> >   Just discovered this community the other day.  I'm desperately 
> >for WAV's or MP3's of both Bushism's
> >and the juiciest parts of Clinton's testimony.  None of the standard
> >anti-Bush sites seem to have anything beyond
> >the text of his vocal mis-steps.
> I'll assume from your post you live in the US.
> If you're talking about the current President
> Bush, you can get plenty by turning on the
> evening news.  (I don't mean to sound patronizing
> if that does, but really, the Bush-isms i hear
> regularly on the Newshour never cease to amaze
> me...)
> By what you've described you've been up to in
> music, you're gonna fit in just fine around
> here!
> Best to ya,
> peter