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Chicago loopers....

Devious D,

we are downsizing our setup but I used to spin-
you might not like this- dual CDs which was mixed
with the realtime instruments.

For those that care the CDs I spun were beats
and soundscapes the band or I created.

You haven't lived if you're a keyboard player and
you loop on the fly, it's like a realtime sequencer.

Hope you make it.

From: "Devious D_MasterMixer"
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com 
Subject: Re: Chicago loopers.... 

I am the MASTER Chicago Looper/Dj / ReMix Arist /
Producer ! From the Southside of Chi-Town...... I
might just check you guys out, then hit Hangee Uppee's
afterward !

----Original Message Follows---- 
just thought I'd check to see if there's any loopers 
on this list in the Chicago area? 
Also, my band X Space is playing June 23rd at: 
The Nervous Center 
4612 N. Lincoln Ave. 
Chicago, IL 

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