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This is my first post, and I am fairly new to looping. I have a Boomerang 
I've been using for about a year and have wanted something deeper with 
memory and options to save multiple loops back and forth via my mac.
I've tried to compare the Echoplex Digital Pro with the as yet to be 
released Electrix Repeater, but since the Echoplex's are rare and the 
Repeater isn't out, all I have done is read manuals online.
I am eager to make an investment, and both units are close in price (I 
think), but without anything tangible to go on, I am thinking about the 
Boss unit to maintain me until I can find these units and really check 
Has anyone out there done any of the same preliminary research on the 
Repeater, or can offer some virtues of the Echoplex in a somewhat 
comparison? I would really appreciate it. Thanks

Nick Schillace
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