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OT tabla

In a message dated 6/21/2001 11:34:12 AM, dennis@mdbs.com writes:

<< I play a little tabla.  (OK ... they're full-scale, but I don't play 
them a

lot :).

When I am *working* on my tabla (you know, studying, memorizing patterns,

etc), I use an EDP as a timekeeper.  I play the basic tal into the EDP then

practice on top of it.  Works great!


hehe, mine are kinda little tabla but they are played very much... yea I 
usually sample my tal to practice my kaidas/tukras etc over... it works 
well though I do think I will go ahead and buy a tabla machine because I 
so much now that it will be worth the investment and it will be good for 
I am teaching tabla.

very good to hear about other players out there... if anyone wants to 
continue a discussion of tabla/indian classical music feel free to email 
off the list!