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RE: Looping Drummers/ -kit

Title: RE: Looping Drummers/ -kit

Alright. I couldn't resist.

My performance usually begins with a live kit looped (then bass, guitar, etc.). It's very cool but playing with one hand and Pressing the EDP footswitch with the other is not only tolerable because I have no other option.

Here's what I want:
Five individual cymbals (1 for each EDP footpedal functions -record, loop. etc) that when struck would activate the EDP function. I don't think a midi trigger will work considering the vibration, and a momentary switch may also over-activate as the cymbal responds to the strike of the stick - although this is still best option I have.

Others have told me to use triggers on toms but my point about that is drummers crash on the 1, and most loops open and close on the 1. The looping and drumming function would be seamless if the cymbals could work.

If I had a drumset that could do this I could sit in on a jam and conduct the jam by sampling certain riffs of other players as well as start out my solo acts with a bang.