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Re: to midi or not to midi

Go MIDI for sure.  If you're playing with a drum machine or sequencer, I can't imagine how you could get it exactly on.  I've tried, and there is always drift.  However, a friend of mine is building me a device that senses the pulse of an LED and spits out a tap tempo signal.  It's for my vortex, which is not midi.  It should also work with any looper that uses a JamMan/Vortex style foot switch (a standard keyboard sustain pedal seems to do the trick quite well)  I can't really vouch for it's accuracy (in my case it doesn't really matter too much, as it's not for looping, but for synched effects) but I'll let the group know when he's finished.  Why is he using an LED light to synch from instead of MIDI?  Because he thought it would be more fun and interesting to do it that way, and he's doing it for free.


"Taaffe, Denis G" wrote:

  I was wonderng what people s thought s are on midi. I use looping boards but non midi'ed along with drum machines, I tap the tempo in rather than using midi to sync. I kidn of hesitate using midi to sync a looper like an edp , hmmm cold be interestng especiall for bass sorts of things. any thoughts
Denis taaffe