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Looper for sale

no no smart guy I'm not for sale, but one of my loop tools is

I'm going to pass on my Korg DL8000R
it is pretty easy to use
good realtime control
good midi implementation
very good sound quality
mono or stereo
10 seconds avail
really unique delay and rythmic delay efx as well

its in as new condition w/ orig manual w/o fact box
looking for $300

I'm also selling a digitech 2101, I mention this because there has been
some discussion of this unit here(although yes I know we're not all gtr
players) and this is a special unit.
I just got it from paul muniz head of artist relations at harmon and it is
tricked out w/ all the extra's, if your at all interested in a 2101 you
need to contact me.
it has; orig unit w/ spkr compensated xlr outs
PPC210 dual proc card, artist V3 ROM (newest)
some factory tweaks including faster proc clock speed
2101 foot controller(also like new)
w/ 2 cables, FC gig bag(new) and extra's parts from digitech
manuals in orig fact shipping box

this is a special unit recieved direct from the factory @ mo ago, very cool

peace ya'll

oh and my wife used to be IN a punk band
she no longer plays but is very supportive of me
but then again I know to give her some energy now and then if
I'm going to continue to disappear from time to time w/ my instruments