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Re: off topic--indulge me please

Goddess wrote:

>   Jehn, well, the last guy I dated was an audio engineer, so while he 
> alot of time at the studio, I spent alot of time teaching or playing, so
> no, time wasn't an issue for us.  We both had busy schedules, but were 
> able to see eachother quite alot.  At least in my case though, music is 
> career, so potential mates already know that ahead of time.  Music is 
> one aspect of my life though, and I think it's really important to find a
> nice balance.   <smile>  Sure, music is very important to me, but so is a
> healthy relationship.  The trick is finding someone who feels the same  
> whatever they enjoy.  Then I think it can work.   *laughing*  I know,
> stating the obvious!  lol!  -it's late...   Anyway, night night
> everyone!...
> Smiles,
> Goddess
>  At 01:33 AM 6/22/01 -0400, you wrote:
> >   Anyone else here have conflicts with their  significant others
> >concerning time spent doing music vs time spent with  them??   Jehn
> ---
>   "The only things I really think are important, are love, and eachother.
> -Then, anything is possible..."

i've found this also to be true. my wife and i share a design studio 
so it's usually not a question of "spending time" more an issue of "how
spending time"...one thing we've done which seems to work pretty well is to
set aside specific evenings for our individual work (or fun & games as the
case may be...); so, once (or if i'm lucky, twice) a week is my music 
and she gets a night or two to do her thing, which is mostly writing and
studying...so far, it's gone really well- it also gives us each a break 
the responsibilities of raising our 8-year old daughter (and she is now old
enough to understand that we each need our "separate" creative time)...if
music were my career, i suppose things would be a bit different- but i 
it's really essential for a healthy relationship that each person be 
enough time for their personal creative growth. can't imagine not having 

lance g.