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Re: off topic--indulge me please

> it also gives us each a break from the responsibilities of raising our 
>8-year old daughter (and she is now old enough to understand that we each 
>need our "separate" creative time)...if music were my career, i suppose 
>things would be a bit different- but i think it's really essential for a 
>healthy relationship that each person be allowed enough time for their 
>personal creative growth. can't imagine not having it! lance g.

With a 5 year old son, I can see that it's gradually starting to shift to 
a less 'constant-demand' sorta thing... He's realizing that we both have 
our interests (although he's far more demanding on mom for her time... I 
believe that's an Oedipal thing). He's also more interested in doing a bit 
of his own stuff... play, read etc... So I'll bet when he's 8 things will 
be even more balanced. It would be a shame to sacrifice my family to 
music... that would be a sad loss... I want a balance that works so I can 
keep doing it!