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RE: off topic--indulge me please

Title: RE: off topic--indulge me please

forgetting what the original post was - - something about problems with a spouse/significant other who may not be happy with time spent on music??

are you looking for advice - - or for kindred spirits?

my situation:

i live with (mostly) a saint. she's put up with a lot of weird time issues from me - - just being married to me would be hard enough for most people, but we have 6-year-old twins on top of it.

she's an artist who has done shows nationally and one way we deal with stuff is to make sure that we both have enough time together and in our respective creative endeavors. as i tend to be very aggressive in making sure that i get my, i try to be very aware of making sure that she gets enough time for both relationship and work. easier said than done and, with our schedules and two burgeoning young human beings in the house, the marriage is the part of the balancing act that suffers most often. is there tension? you bet. do we handle it for the most part? i like to think so.

as far as kids go. i think that they can see that there's a whole 'nother way of life beyond the 9-5, watch tv thang. hopefully their parents are involved and growing people - - i hope it rubs off on my kids. there are times when the kids don't dig it . . . but they like to hang with mom in her studio and they like to come in and play some of my instruments, maybe they're picking stuff up by osmosis . . .