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Re: off topic--indulge me please

"Liebig, Steuart A." wrote:

> as far as kids go. i think that they can see that there's a whole
> 'nother way of life beyond the 9-5, watch tv thang. hopefully their
> parents are involved and growing people - - i hope it rubs off on my
> kids. there are times when the kids don't dig it . . . but they like
> to hang with mom in her studio and they like to come in and play some
> of my instruments, maybe they're picking stuff up by osmosis . . .
> stig

about the part where kids don't dig it- one of my absolute WORST
memories was back when our daughter was about 2-1/2; we were in the
middle of trying to get our business off the ground and couldn't say no
to a huge, lucrative but absolutely ridiculous project which had us
working many late nights, often round the clock...spent lots of money on
babysitters that year (and cashed in big-time on parental favors);
anyway, it was christmas eve, and the most critical deadline of the
project was a few days away, so we had planned to come home, trim the
christmas tree with our daughter, and then switch off with one of our
assistant designers and head back to the studio to put in a few more
hours' work. well, everything was really festive until we broke the news
to our daughter that we were heading back to the office. she took one
look at us both, said nothing, and then just sort of crumpled to the
floor in a sobbing, unconsolable heap.

my only solace is that i'm pretty sure memories prior to about age 3 are
really difficult to conjur later in life...


lance g.