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Spice and Other Committments

I am a lawyer/musician (or a musician/lawyer depending on the day of the
week) and my wife is a consultant who works more hours than me - I play or
listen to music during virtually all waking hours when not working, eating or
simulating procreation - Have 3 kids - 14 year old daughter and two sons ages
11 and 5 -

I agree that seeing parents work hard at things they're committed to helps
children learn lessons that can't be taught by sitting them down and
lecturing - I like to think that my kids benefit from seeing me do something
I love and that remains important to me even though I'm "old" (or at least
not a chronological kid) -

My daughter is playing upright bass and I just bought her an electric in
honor of her graduation from middle school - My 11 year plays piano and is
studying composers and the "classics" - My 5 year old also takes piano
lessons and has a great sense of rhythm - I'm really proud of them and happy
that some of my musical obsession seems to rub off -

No question, though, that some of the "normal" interactions like sitting and
watching tv or having a leisurely dinner are sacrificed in favor of music
making - But I think the trade off is worth it -

I can really relate to the XMAS story though - I've felt that pang of guilt
too often - But, this is the price of obsession ......