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Re: canada

Nemoguitt@aol.com put forth:
could we here in the u.s. buy stuff for folks abroad and mail it to them 
a gift" .....is there something *wrong* with this?.....would this make life
easier and more tuneful for everyone.....just wondering?.....michael

Actually if you send it to the UK they still want to get their piece of it,
the bloodsuckers.  My parents sent me a nice coat for Christmas and I had 
pay nearly $70 in duty just to be able to receive it.  And it was labelled
as a gift, so much for that.  I've decided that when I come back - when? oh
when??? - I've already got a laundry list of things to put in the empty
suitcase I'm bringing with me.  It goes without saying that I've got a long
overdue trip to Trader Joe's to get coffee.  And they wonder why people
smuggle!  Jeepers.

Hey, someone get Steve Lawson to go there while he's in LA.  5lbs of
Columbian beans for $8, compared to nearly the equivalent of $27 (1.78 per
8oz bag at Tesco's here).  It's robbery when you consider how close the 
coffee route - hell, just Copenhagen! - is to the UK.  It's impossible to
find dry roasted peanuts here that aren't frigging treated with MSG, for
God's sake.  I've never seen so many chemical additives in food in my life.
And they say the US is bad. :)  At least we have the farmer's markets -
their produce is low, and God knows they've got a tough time here, so it's
good to help 'em out.  But man, I miss Trader Joe's so much...

Oh, should I mention that hardware is through the roof in comparison?  AMD
800's are barely $80 in the US.  Sigh.  Folks, all you have to do is get
outta the US for a while to realize how good y'all have it there.  But I
digress, as I've got some scotch whiskey in me (for lack of the obvious
otherwise) and it's late here...

Stephen Goodman
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