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6 chitarre sole festival

this festival, held on Garda Lake from July the 6th to the 8th will be
composed by the solo performaces of:

Friday the 6th: Luciano Margorani & Duck Baker
Saturday the 7th: Paolo Angeli & Mike Cooper
Sunday the 8th: Sandro Gibellini & Hans Reichel

The place is an ancient closter in Desenzano del Garda, on the southern
coast of Garda Lake.

the loop content will be very light, but I think the creative wideness will
be pretty deep.
This was my intention.
As we have had the chance to discuss before, polluting our public's ears
with sounds coming from different languages is an important need here.

for those who want to come and visit, here is my mobile number: +39 335 810
2445 - feel free to call me if you have questions.

.... I will be happy and honoured to finally give a face to those who are a
name i read.

wait for you there !