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Re: R: Off Topic-indulge me please

I am 39, make 1/2 my income playing bass in the usual fashion(at least
as usual as a band w/Classical Harp,African percussion and Shakuhachi
can be,a gig tonight at the Exploratorium actually) and the other part
teaching and doing massage therapy.Once in a while someone buys
BASSCAPES off my website and tells me how well they like my
playing.Since buying a house in November it seems I've had no time to
perform solo save the 1st Santa Cruz Bass Looping Festival.
 My girlfriend/partner of 10 years is looking over my shoulder as I type
this and says I love my bass more then her and I'm a shopoholic when
looking for gear-I recently redesigned my whole solo rig-I bring up her
shoe collection and we're both laughing...I deny the first claim and she
points out that after 25 years my basses should do something for me
nothing else does...
 I like to wake early in the morning and play 2-3 hours before she
wakes.Then my creative impulses don't interfere with me being present
with her and the rest of my life.I think the quality of presence we have
for the people in our life(and the totality of our life) is the most
important factor.Ideally,everything flows from this.I manage this kind
of poise about a fifth of the time and it makes everything else
Scott Kungha Drengsen