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Re: R: Off Topic-indulge me please

luca wrote:
>  Steve wrote:
> > And I'll add that I've met a fair few people from this list, and they 
> > all very cool indeed - Had a very enjoyable evening recently with Luca 
> > Roberto, eating fine food and talking insessently about music and 
> > for hours - Luca's poor wife must have been bored out of her mind, but 
> > incredibly gracious to us... :o)
> Hi Steve and all.
> Giovanna (my girlfriend) thanks about your kind considerations about 
> she is a saint...
> I don't know if we choose the people after having considered their
> compatibility  with our needs, but I can tell that having the lucky to 
> our life with persons that are helping us in our musical/creative need 
>is a
> wonderful thing.
> Even nicer is the chance to give them something back while doing the 
> we love the most.
> Giovanna is a sculptist; she helps me uncosciounsly with what she does.
> But she could also be doing something else.
> The wonderful fact is having beside people that are doing things with 
> and passion.
> So, excuse me for these banal considerations, I just want to tell that
> meeting has an important potential and we are meeting so little.
> all the best .... I would like to meet you all
> luca


can you repeat the annoucement and infos about your festival on the
garda lake
we may meet