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R: Off Topic-indulge me please

 Steve wrote:
> And I'll add that I've met a fair few people from this list, and they are
> all very cool indeed - Had a very enjoyable evening recently with Luca 
> Roberto, eating fine food and talking insessently about music and looping
> for hours - Luca's poor wife must have been bored out of her mind, but 
> incredibly gracious to us... :o)

Hi Steve and all.
Giovanna (my girlfriend) thanks about your kind considerations about her...
she is a saint...
I don't know if we choose the people after having considered their
compatibility  with our needs, but I can tell that having the lucky to 
our life with persons that are helping us in our musical/creative need is a
wonderful thing.
Even nicer is the chance to give them something back while doing the thing
we love the most.
Giovanna is a sculptist; she helps me uncosciounsly with what she does.
But she could also be doing something else.
The wonderful fact is having beside people that are doing things with love
and passion.

So, excuse me for these banal considerations, I just want to tell that
meeting has an important potential and we are meeting so little.

all the best .... I would like to meet you all