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Re: Yo

I am now using two Fernandes, I got a Decade awhile
back and though it has some shortcomings like cheap
hardware, switches, bridge saddles etc., it got me
hooked on the Sustainer! I had a learning curve w/
it but now cannot do w/out it. I now have a Revolver
pro that really plays like a dream come true for me.
It has a Floyd Rose that really stays in tune and I
cannot say anything but good things about it. The
best part for me was that it was a *blem* from
Musicions Friend at 399.00 no tax or shipping!
Finally I love them so much that I gave my Strat
that I played exclusivly for 10 yrs. to my niece who
needed an ax. I have never missed it....

Q wrote:
> I'm just wondering if anyone here uses Steinbergers...or, if anyone uses
> those Fernandes Sustainer guitars. I thought it'd be something worth 
> into..so, if anyone has either of these, tell me what kind and if you 
> them.
> I love my Steinberger Spirit!
> -Andy