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RE: Octophonic sound system

  Actually, myself as well.  I know  someone who's been working in
octophonic mixes for quite some time now.  I'll ask him next time I see him
about which software he's been using.   He's actually building a studio
around the concept at this point.  



At 02:10 AM 6/28/01 +0200, you wrote:
>At 02:51 p.m. 27/06/01 EDT, you wrote:
>>Sorry folks, that was meant for his eyes only!  Guess it was a matter of
time before I did it too!
>I think it's an interesting
>matter, and i'd like to follow
>your discussion ...anybody else?
>Junkie G
>"cheers from catalonia,
>which language, people 
>and culture have been harassed
>by centralists in spain through the years"


  "The only things I really think are important, are love, and eachother.
-Then, anything is possible..."