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RE: Octophonic sound system

At 08:19 p.m. 27/06/01 -0600, you wrote:

hi there

>  Actually, myself as well.  I know  someone who's been working in
>octophonic mixes for quite some time now.  I'll ask him next time I see 
>about which software he's been using.   He's actually building a studio
>around the concept at this point.  

        Does anybody thinking of a connection
        between the 3D audio and looping ?

        Anybody has had any experience with such 
        a set up ? 
        I think Fripp uses four TCs for his SoundsKapes 
        performances, which are quadraphonic ... isn't it ?

        So then ...would it be necessary a multitrack system 
        to listen to 3D audio ? 

thanks in advance,
Junkie G 


"cheers from catalonia,
which language, people 
and culture have been harassed
by centralists in spain through the years"