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Re: Octophonic sound system & stuff

How about if you have, say a 4 second loop it takes 4 seconds to pan 
360 degrees?
Sounds interesting, you could have another loop panning in the opposite
Dennis Leas has done some interesting stuff in this area I believe.
Something about clapping his hands and rotating the whole soundscape - 
You've got me thinking now - always a dangerous thing : )
I'm playing again on Friday and Saturday with some Austrian band (in Wales)
on the strength
of Wednesday's gig - looking forward to it immensely.
The DAT crapped out on me last night though, (as well as a power cut 1/2 
but I'm not avoiding posting a recording  - honest!!

> Does anybody thinking of a connection
> between the 3D audio and looping ?
> Anybody has had any experience with such
> a set up ?