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RE: Octophonic sound system

  My friend is already working with loops and soundscapes with his system.
His main interest is in creating audio environments.  Not only are the
speakers placed around the listener, but above and below as well.   



 At 09:44 PM 6/28/01 +0200, you wrote:
>At 08:19 p.m. 27/06/01 -0600, you wrote:
>hi there
>>  Actually, myself as well.  I know  someone who's been working in
>>octophonic mixes for quite some time now.  I'll ask him next time I see 
>>about which software he's been using.   He's actually building a studio
>>around the concept at this point.  
>       Does anybody thinking of a connection
>       between the 3D audio and looping ?
>       Anybody has had any experience with such 
>       a set up ? 
>       I think Fripp uses four TCs for his SoundsKapes 
>       performances, which are quadraphonic ... isn't it ?
>       So then ...would it be necessary a multitrack system 
>       to listen to 3D audio ? 
>thanks in advance,
>Junkie G 
>"cheers from catalonia,
>which language, people 
>and culture have been harassed
>by centralists in spain through the years"


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-Then, anything is possible..."