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Re:3D Audio - soundblaster exploiting

What I really wonder is - The soundblaster live (1024, platinum, 5.1, oem...) is one of the more diffused soundcards around - is it possible that no plug-ins programmer has tried to create a plug-in that uses its dsp? it is a powerful - not used chip- it is used less (way less) that on the Emu APS, so a great part of its power lies there unused in our PC. And this could even be useful to create 3d plug-ins for that card, as it has two stereo outs (not counting the spdif). The only audio software that tries to exploit the power of a soundblaster live (at least the only one I heard about during the C.I.M. - Colloquium Of Musical Informatics which was held in L'Aquila (Italy) in the last summer) is the C-Sound, but it isn't that easy to use, and not every musician wants to be a programmer, but under the windows platform I couldn't find anything.