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Re: nyc event warning


that "temple of bon matin" thing sure does get around don't it? & they 
sure are loud!

Koonda Hola is incredible as we just played in Boston with them.

The other bands all promise to be cool too.

and a bigger thanks to you A/C cuz I didnt know for sure where our own gig 
was on sunday...

I'm meeting up with the rest of the band in Providence RI on Saturday as 
AKASH is playing a show at something akain to Plato's Retreat in Philly 
This Friday.

& I was just about to call to find Ed Wilcox ( the leader-founder, Art 
Blakey-like-mastermind of Bon Matin ) to see if he had found out the specs 
on this gig and then all of a sudden 'dere' it it is in your post :) ( a 
true spinal tap-like- moment fer sure )

Bu I will look for you A/C and & other LD folk who are local to NYC.

& I also owe someone on this list an AKASH CD
which i have been so lame in remebering to send.

If you are out there ( i think u are from brooklyn )and u can be in NYC at 
the address A/C mentioned, I will have that AKASH CD for you :) 

But very glad to know someone from our list will be on hand.

Also ck out a bon matin tune here (its the only one i can locate that is 
on the web ): not very loopy, but still very loud and noise laden.


(* im the one making lots of noise on dah geetar on this very very rough 
and loud cut dedicated to racecar driver craig breedlove who passed away a 
while back )

& here is another lil written blurb on temple of bon matin that is pretty 
accurate for the most part with a discography.

& again, hope to see all y'all who can make it on Sunday!

John Price/AKASH/Temple Of Bon Matin
"remember to always kill youe expectations"