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Re: Octophonic sound system

At 03:15 p.m. 28/06/01 -0500, you wrote:

hi dennis, richard & all 

>This is an interesting thread.
>But I'm not sure what you mean by 3D sound.  Is this recreating an
>immersive, surround sound field via 2 speakers?  Like many of the computer
>multi-media games?  Or do you mean using multiple (> 2) speakers?

        i think this conceptual matter is 
        not yet clear for me ... 
        what we understand by 3D Audio ?

        i think i'm interested in both terms Dennis
        have mentioned. 
        the *virtual* one for using it in my stereo/dual/binaural 
        recordings as a tool for achieving good mixes and the *real*
        for the live situation.
        anyway, what it's the minimum  required to place
        a sound in the 3D axis, in terms of different focuses ?
        and which set ups gave you better results?

long life LD !
Junkie G