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Re: OT steinberger Thanks

If it almost fits you can try what I did to one of my guitars, it doesn't
require any permanant mods (well none that aren't reversible).

Remove the bridge pickup and mounting ring from the guitar.
Remove the pickup from the mounting ring.
Use a fret saw to remove the lowest part of the ring.
Remount the pickup in the ring onto the guitar.

You should now be able to fit a GK into the gap between the now exposed 
of the pickup and the bridge. I used screw on this guitar but the sticky
tape on the spacers or double sided tape will work fine and won't harm the
finish (I use this method on my PRS and the last time I removed the pickup
there was no sign of it being there.)

Martin Shellard 

> From: Mark <sine@zerocrossing.net>

> Hey,
> yup it is a master tuner/spring tension adjust.  It's control was fine 
>and I
> just didn't notice a big change while adjusting it.
> Also, I'm thinking of moving the bridge pickup so that I can mount my 
> (it's a hair short of making it)  Am I crazy?  It's not a pure composite
> model,
> but a wood body/bolt on kneck model.  If any of you have horror or 
> stories, I'd like to here them.
> Mark