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RE: LA Loop Feste Review

-----Original Message-----

>>>Steve Lawson spoke of
 ambientertainment - ***GREAT GENRE NAME!!!!!!***

>>>it can be either wallpaper or performance or both or neither, and I had
nothing to do with
that part of the decision making process.

***Very important for a performer to remember--plus don't forget that
everyone is entitled to make up their own minds

>>>I try to make no fixed demands on the audience beyond hoping that they 
honest... That's why I LOVE having kids at my gigs - they run around,
listen, ask questions, play games and
generally disrupt any po-faced head-up-ass-ness that could ever happen at a

I think I qualify--sorry if I come off wrong(live and online) but at least
honesty R Us--

Thanks again Steve for playing my request--

Oh and one of the distinguishing characteristics of Andre's manipulation of
the EDP was using the insert button as reverse to end a loop--at least on
the first tune(the use of the nextloop button as quoted by Kevin refers to
tune #2), and I saw Andre's insistence on timekeeping (between songs) as
politeness rather than uptightness.

Mah 2 cents--