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RE: LA Loop Feste Review

>>>Steve mentioned to us that he would take it as a complement if the
audience went to sleep to his music.  Now, Mr. Lawson has a sense of
humor so deadpan that it makes Steven Wright look like Sam Kinison,
but he also seems genuinely comfortable with his music taking on a
more passive role.  (Please correct me and/or slap me upside the head
if I'm wrong on this, Steve.)  I personally had no problem focusing on
either of the other guys' sets.  But when I loop, I feel trapped from
a performance point of view by this detached, abstract characteristic.<<<

I'm really not worried how people relate to it, so long as they do, even if
it's to decide to not like it... If people fall asleep cool, if they are
bass players getting off on my chops, they are easily pleased, but that's
cool, if people are following the looping process that's cool, or if they
just like the nice tunes that too is cool...

I tend to think of what I do as ambientertainment - it can be either
wallpaper or performance or both or neither, and I had nothing to do with
that part of the decision making process. I try to make no fixed demands on
the audience beyond hoping that they be honest... That's why I LOVE having
kids at my gigs - they run around, listen, ask questions, play games and
generally disrupt any po-faced head-up-ass-ness that could ever happen at a
gig... more all-age gigs pleeze! :o)

If people want to doze off in the gig, that's genuinely fine by me - they
may be woken up at some point by loud clattering noises, but I'll try to be
sensitive... :o)

BTW, I'm at Jazz and Java in Redlands tonight, if anyone wants to come

see my website for details of the manring/walker/lawson tour...