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Re: LA Loop Feste Review

'Allo Guv'nor, 

Steve Lawson wrote:

> I'm really not worried how people relate to it, so long as they do

Some of the best advice I'm heard in ages; thank you.  Sometimes I'm
susceptible to getting lost in contemplation of the vast expanses of
empty nothingness between my ears...

> BTW, I'm at Jazz and Java in Redlands tonight, if anyone wants to come
> down...
> see my website for details of the manring/walker/lawson tour...

Anyone who's on this list, and can check out either of these deals, DO
IT!  It absolutely should not be missed; Steve's solo show is
essential listening for those interested in looping.  And I can only
imagine what the trio tour next week is going to sound like...  wish I
could make it.

--Andre LaFosse