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Re: Loop Feste Decompression - question for Andre

Chris Chovit wrote:

>  >and liberal use of the top-secret
> >remultiply+undo "bug" maneuver (aka "The Sylmar Shuffle").
> Could you elaborate on this?  I must have missed it when it was discussed
> previously....or maybe it is really top-secret.....

Shucks, man, that's my whole routine right there!  So much for my career...

Remultiply a loop, and then hit "undo."  It scrolls through the memory
of different sections of the loop in intriguing and unpredictable
ways.  I stumbled across it with another EDP user by accident, but I
know at least one other person had found out about it on his own...

There was a thread on this a couple of years back.  Apparently it's
technically a bug, according to Kim, but it's such a cool feature that
many of us asked that it not be "fixed" in the next software edition.  

So now my trade secret is out.  Time to for me to retire, I guess!  :-/